My Meals My Way


Is meal planning one of your limiting factors when it comes to weight loss and improving your health?

My Meals My Way (MMMW) puts you in control of choosing the meals you eat.

Our nutritiously delicious meals are easy to make so you won’t spend hours in the kitchen. They contain only healthy ingredients ensuring that you eat for health.

Each recipe conveniently comes with the number of servings and full nutritional breakdown (calories, macro- and micro-nutrients),  making it possible to fit these meals into your healthy eating plan.

My Meals My Way gives you the flexibility of building your own meal plan for the week. Your total calories and macros are updated in real time. MMMW also generates a convenient shopping list for you and puts it all into a user-friendly format.

No more guess work, only delicious, healthy meals and recipes at your fingertips.

How does My Meals My Way work?

  • You sign up for a monthly subscription, which can be cancelled at any time
  • 50 healthy meals are downloaded into your recipe file (you have the choice of regular meals or plant-based). Meals include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
  • You are provided with 2 blank templates for meal planning.
  • You will receive a 30 min consultation teaching you how to get the best out of MMMW
  • 24/7 WhatsApp support line.
  • Access to a certified nutritionist to help you reach your health and weight-loss goals
  • Each month you stay subscribed, 20 new meals and recipes of your choice are added to your collection.

MMMW is easy to use, online and always at your fingertips.

Meal planning has never been this simple, or this effective.

Investment in your health: R200 a month

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