Why 84 days?




Hi my name is Carol, founder of 84days2health


My passion in life. . . I love all things healthy and, being a qualified teacher, I love to educate. Through 84days2health, my mission is to share your journey with you, to guide and support you every step of the way and to celebrate your newfound health and wellness.
As a 54 year old competitive powerlifter, natural body builder and Trifitness athlete I have to be on top of my game, literally, all the time. I have learnt that this is only possible through consistent clean eating, regular exercise, good quality sleep and managed stress. 2 years ago I transitioned to a fully plant-based lifestyle. It has never been my intention to convert anyone to eating only plants. I am the first to acknowledge that, although it is a healthy way of life, it is not always that easy. 84days2health is based on a flexitarian lifestyle. We advocate whole foods, nutrient rich fruit and vegetables and good quality grain fed or free range protein. We discourage processed foods and those high in bad fats and sugar. For most people this is a manageable and sustainable lifestyle.


is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle, sustainable 4 life.

You will be eating clean, healthy, delicious, unprocessed food and make it a lifestyle

Out with the junk that makes you feel lethargic, bloated and leads to weight gain, not to mention feeling guilty, compromised performance . . .generally out of sorts.

Easy to follow plans suitable for the whole family

Plans are regularly updated with delicious recipes for healthy meals.

Recipes are simple, easy to follow

and don’t contain long complicated lists of ingredients. Most recipes will result in leftovers suitable for the next day or as a snack.

It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle

Diets imply a ‘sell by date’ and individuals are either on, or off diet. It implies an all or nothing approach. Diets simply don’t work. 84days2health is a journey, a lifestyle, ‘4 life’.

84days2health offers simple guidelines

if followed, will leave you feeling energised, less tired, and weight loss will be a bonus.

  • You’ll have interchangeable eating plans to follow
  • An accountability community for support
  • Ongoing education assisting you to make healthier choices, for life.


is an essential part of 84days2health and to staying on track. Articles are regularly posted on the importance of mindset, lifestyle choices, making the best nutritional choices, the importance of planning, the power of positive thinking, cleansing your environment, importance of positive social support. Education is ongoing and essential. ;

Eating plans and guidelines are nutritionally dense

keeping you full for longer and ensuring stay healthy

Our lifestyle plan

will ensure that all your macro-  and micronutrients needs are met

It’s effective in its simplicity

Support is Critical

The better your social support system, the greater your successful will be. 84days2health provides a ‘strictly members only’ closed Facebook group for like minded people on the same journey as yourself.

84days2health is built on an 84/16% principle

Get your meals spot on 84% of the time with 16% leeway for social events and unforeseen circumstances, and you will be successful.


is absolute key. 1 or 2 good meals followed by 1 or 2 bad meals, or 1 or 2 good days/weeks followed by 1 or 2 bad days/weeks will not yield results. BE CONSISTENT.

Consistently following a clean, wholefood eating plan, focussing on quality sleep, exercising regularly and reducing stress for 3 months, I assure you that you will

  • Feel better, look good
  • Have fewer cravings, be less hungry
  • Experience better gastrointestinal health, be less bloated and gassy
  • Have broken bad habits and adopted new, good habits
  • Have more energy, be less lethargic
  • Have lost excess weight
  • Enjoy healthy foods in the right amounts

. . . and be well on your way to a healthier lifestyle

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