21 Day Sugar-Free Challenge


Personal Online challenge. Start whenever you feel ready.

Are you ready to disrupt your sugar habit?

The 21 day sugar free challenge is designed to make you aware of how much sugar you eat and why.

  • Learn how to read labels and identify hidden sugars in food.
  • Find healthier ways to satisfy cravings
  • Prove to yourself that there is life beyond sugar.
  • Discover that sugar is not a drug or an addiction, it is a habit that can be broken, modified and controlled.


The Challenge includes:

  • A coaching call to get you on board, start whenever you feel ready
  • Weekly meal plans with delicious, no-added-sugar meals
  • Strategies to break the sugar-craving cycle
  • Daily motivation and a 24/7 WhatsApp support line
  • Follow up to support your new, healthier lifestyle

Investment in your health: R499. Disrupt your sugar habit for life.



For 21 days we will disrupt your sugar habit. The aim of the challenge is not for you to stop eating sugar for 21 days, only to binge on sugar again on day 22.

In 21 days you will learn to recognise and identify hidden sugars in many foods. You will also realise that you need way less sugar than you think, and that there are healthier alternative to highly processed sugary snacks and treats.

Everyone will have a different goal, but the end result is to eat less added sugar than you were eating.

Join the challenge today!

Your body will love you.

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